Current Exhibition

10ArmsAssymetrical01HeadRound“Guy Crossing and Guy Airport: Are They the Same Guy?”


 Wings of the Museum

BakerLighterGuy Working

The hat, the pose, the hardware — jobs in silhouette.


FallingRocksGuy Dying

Guy puts the crash dummies to shame.


07aBowToItOraleGuy Dogging

Often, the dog is more detailed than the human.


PuebloBasketmakerHe’s Come a Long Way: 10,000 BC to  Present

Omnipresent in early art, stick figures gave way to “realism” during the “Renaissance” but made a robust return in the 20th century.

02HeadsBigGwen and Family: Signage of Inclusion (under construction)

Born to be generic, devoid of specific identity, Guy later became a champion of access for people with disabilities. His age and gender characteristics reflected social change.

04cablecar1 (2)Ballad of Guy Crossing

Here is the post on Facebook that launched the Guy Crossing project.